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Downsview Church of
God Of Prophecy
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 Building Fund Project


The Church of God Prophecy , Downsview, has embarked on an ambitious 2 year project to raise $1, 000 000 toward the down payment of a multifaceted place of worship. Presently the congregation is being housed in unit 8, 2424 Finch Avenue West , in a small plaza located between Western Road and Islington.

For the last several years this has been the home of this local congregation and while it has served us well over the years, we think it is time to expand in terms of a larger facility to provide a greater number of social programs and services for more people in the wider community. For example, the need for a soup kitchen, a gym, basket ball court and other recreational facilities for at risk youth, including facilities to counsel young people on various subjects of interests, such as, their social responsibilities as young men and women, are few of the projects we envision as emerging and being accommodated in our new and modern multifaceted facility.

The church recognizes the tremendous needs of the community it serves and has been studying ways and means including various strategies and approaches to create the kind of impact among the diverse residents of the greater Downsview community.

With the help of well-wishers who would like to see the project gets off the ground; there is an urgency that cannot be over-emphasized in asking for contributions large and small. As a non-profit organization

The church provides tax receipts for contributions of $10 and more. Please help us to help our community.